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CHAPTER 1 – Membership

Section 1.  The Executive Committee may determine the annual membership fee for membership in the Association.

Section 2.  The dues shall be payable January 1 through December 31.

Section 3.  No person shall be qualified to exercise any right or privilege of membership so long as the membership dues are delinquent.

CHAPTER 2 – Membership Meeting

Section 1.  Annual meeting – The Association members shall meet once a year at a time and place designated by the Executive Committee at which time members shall meet to elect officers and transact business of the Association.  The annual meeting shall be held in September of each year.

Section 2.  Fundraiser – The Executive Committee shall have the discretion to convene a meeting of the membership, in conjunction with a fundraiser approved by the memberships at a location selected with its discretion.

Section 3.  Regular meetings – The Association shall hold its regular meetings on at least a quarterly basis.

Section 4.  Special meetings – The Association shall hold special meetings as may be called by the President.  The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call, and except in emergencies, there should be given not less than seven (7) days notice of the meeting to the membership.

CHAPTER 3 – Voting

A majority vote of the members, as defined by the Constitution in Article IV, at any meeting shall be sufficient to determine any election, motion, resolution or other matter of business of the Association, except motions to amend the by-laws,

CHAPTER 4 – Committees

Section 1.  Within forty five (45) days after election to office, the President shall appoint committees as may be necessary to conduct the business of the Association.

Section 2.  The Association shall have the following standing committees”

  1. A Continuing Legal Education Committee, which shall be responsible for the organization and implementation of the continuing legal education activities of the Association.
  2. A Social Committee, which shall be responsible for planning and implementation of social activities designed to promote fellowship and good will among the members of the Association.
  3. A Bylaws Committee which shall be responsible for recommending amendments to the By-laws of the Association.
  4. Nominations and Elections Committee, which shall nominate at least one member in good standing for the offices of the Association and make its report to the membership at the Annual meeting.
  5. Membership Committee, which shall be responsible for recruiting new members for the Association.
  6. A majority of the members present at any meeting of a committee shall constitute a quorum. All standing committees shall meet at least once a year and at such other times and places as the Chairman deems necessary. Any standing committee may act by poll of its members on the condition that a majority of the committee membership concurs.
  7. The President shall appoint ad hoc committees as may be necessary to carry out the business and objectives of the Association.

CHAPTER 5 – Elections

Section 1.  The nominations and election committees shall certify the eligibility of all persons for all offices.

Section 2.  Nominations may be offered from the floor for any office after the report of the committee. Members may also write-in candidates on the ballot.

Section 3.  The results of the election of officers shall be tallied by the committee.  If a nominee fails to receive a majority of votes cast for the position, then the top two vote-getters shall stand in a run-off election. The results of all final elections shall be certified to the Secretary and announced to the members by the President immediately after the report to the Secretary.

CHAPTER 6 – Parliamentary Authority

Roberts’ Rules of Order, as revised, shall be the guidelines of this Association in all of its’ deliberations, and in which they are not inconsistent with the destitution and Bylaws of the Association.

CHAPTER 7 – Amendment of By-laws

These By-laws may be amended as provided by Article C of the Constitution.  These By-laws shall go into effect immediately upon the closing of the meeting at which they are adopted.